Leathernecks Founding Chapter of Massachusetts. U.S. Marine Corps Veterans Motorcycle Club, South Shore Area of Massachusetts, USA Semper Fi

We are a Brotherhood of Marines

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We are a club of Marines and FMF Corpsmen bikers. 

In order to join this club, you have to ride with us; be nominated; and survive a membership vote. We are indeed a motorcycle club, and are currently located in many area's around the country and in foreign countries that our Marines may serve.

This isn't an Internet club. That is, we will never take an application via email and simply mail a set of colors to the interested individual. That's not what this lifestyle, or this club, is all about. If you want to ride with us, you have to put the time in for us to get to know you. we have to be comfortable that you are as family to each and every Brother or Marine Sister that wears the patch.

That's not to say that if you like what you see in these pages, that you won't be welcome to introduce yourself and get to know us - quite the contrary, actually. You can still contact us by clicking here. We'll be glad to meet you and maybe share a round of beer. 

Leathernecks Mass Founding Chapter MC

Semper Fi,